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My husband and I took a trip that Fiona Reid was leading this past June to Southern Brazil that was one of the very best of many nature tours that I have taken.  We saw a remarkably wide variety of birds and mammals, some of which were so unlikely I didn’t even really hope to see them, such as the Tapir, Ocelot, and the Maned Wolf.  But it was not only the quantity and variety of species seen, it was also the quality of the looks at them, all engaged in the undisturbed behaviours typical of their species.  In very many instances after the vehicle had come to a halt, we could just sit and gaze and gaze and then sigh with consummate satisfaction.  It is such a privilege to be able to visit nature in such a way, but it adds greatly to the success of such a trip to have a proficient leader, one who is knowledgeable, and also one who is so friendly.

K.W., New York

Jaguar by AJS Jones

Female Jaguar, seen with a younger individual, at Caiman Lodge, Brazil Tour Sept 2008, by AJS Jones

Dear Fiona …a big thank you for giving us such a wonderful holiday. Our friends and family are amazed at the knowledge we have acquired from your trip! Lets hope we can still remember it by next year! It was truly one of the best trips we have been on and would love to come with you again.

We thought you were brilliant, not only in your profound knowledge of the Amazonian flora and fauna, but the organization was superbly run. We loved the way we were quickly herded through the fish market in Manaus! We would also like to say a few words of praise for Sophie and Sandra: good companions and very knowledgeable. Lastly (ladies first) Junior, our captain, was fantastic, he worked so hard for us. His knowledge of the Amazon, it’s wild life, the people, his energy, enthusiasm and good humor were much appreciated. He not only ran the everyday functioning of the boat, he has also managed to acquire loyalty from hard working staff which was noticed and admired. The staff were kind, friendly, helpful and a pleasure to be with, we loved them all.

Peter and Val, London
Feb 2009 Amazon River Adventure


Cattleya violacea Orchid, Brazil, photographed in the campina by Sophie Webb

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