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New trips, new contact info

Greetings from the Canadian Winter! The worst for a long time.
I have a new email: it is a gmail.com account, starting with fiona.reid7243

I have some great trips coming up, please check under Tours for details:

2014 Amazon River tour with OBC. Feb 21-Mar 04. Bats will be the emphasis, but we will also see some rare primates, river dolphins, Hoatzin and other wildlife, big and small. Feburary – March.

2014 Nicaragua. March 15-22. Great location with wonderful outings to see nature in all its glory in NIcaragua. Almost sold out!

2015 Sri Lanka. Jan 11- 25. Our last trip was astounding Р61 species of mammals seen in the wild, including all the cats! Returning in January with a small group.

2015 South Africa. March. Special adventure to search out Aardvark, Aardwolf, Black-footed Cat and much more. March.

Having a Devil of a time in Tasmania

I just got back from a tour of Tasmania (January 25 to February 7). I led the trip with Mark Hanger from Naturequest New Zealand, and we took 10 enthusiastic participants. What a great country! We saw far more mammals than I expected, even though I had set out with high hopes. We even saw wild Tasmanian Devils!


This one is a captive, I must admit. The views we had of the 4 wild individuals the group as a whole saw were short and sweet.

Bennett's Wallaby
Bennett’s Wallaby

We saw a lot of wallabies and their smaller relatives, pademelons, plus the wonderfully named Long-nosed Potoroo. Eastern Quolls were sighted at three different reserves, and we watched one out hunting at Cradle Mountain. Duck-billed Platypus, a ton of wombats, all the endemic birds, and an assortment of herps rounded out the trip.

One of my trip favorites was the Echidna (shown below) – and we saw a total of 12 individuals! You can get right up to them when they are feeding, shoving their narrow snout into the ground and spinning it like a jackhammer in search of ants. p1270063


I’m planning to return to Tasmania with mammals uppermost on the agenda. Let me know if you are interested in coming along!