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Sylvan: living or located in the woods or forest.  One that frequents groves or woods.

In the 16th Century English, Sylvan was first used as a noun describing a “mythological deity of the woods”. It eventually took on a broader meaning: “one who frequents the woods”.  My new property in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica is a wonderful tract of land where huge waterfalls are bordered by forest-clad slopes.

Arriving at Sylvan Camp, the river is very tranquil, providing a great backdrop and excellent waterhole to cool off after a long hike.web IMG_9300

Across this river, the forest extends up steep slopes, and the entire western boundary of the property is a series of dramatic falls and huge swimming holes, the larger ones being 10 feet deep even in dry season.  The river is named Rio Sorpresa (surprise) as it can rise so fast, and then quickly subside.

A short walk from Sylvan Camp brings you to a set of three falls, each with large, deep pools at its base.   What a great place for a swim! 

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  1. Sylvan Falls is the BEST and is my new favorite place for a day trip! The waterfalls are epic and the swimming holes are the best I’ve seen in Costa Rica. And of course, if you get to spend time with Fiona she’ll be sure to spot out lots of birds, frogs, insects, and mammals that you probably would not see on your own. Thanks Fiona, we can’t wait to come back!

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