Mammals of Central America 2nd Edition!

My first “big book” that I researched, wrote and illustrated was A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico, published in 1997 by Oxford University Press. Now, 12 years later, a second edition is about to be released. It has numerous updates, and I am hoping above all that it has more accurately reproduced color illustrations. I just received a copy of the cover from OUP, and here it is, below.


The book should be available in May or June 2009, the price has dropped to $45.00 US, so pick up a copy soon!

4 thoughts on “Mammals of Central America 2nd Edition!”

  1. On a visit to Jim & Carol Patton we were struck by your wonderful paintings of some of the Heteromyids. The detail work is fantastic and so realistic. The k-rats have always been a special animal to me and I really appreciate these very special plates. Great job!!

    Emeritus Prof Bio Cal State Bakersfield

  2. Hello Fiona from Panamá!
    Fiona my name is Ricardo Moreno, I meet you in Cana Darien National Park.
    I really like to be in contact with you about the distributions of some mammals in my country.
    Good book like the first! congratulations.
    Ricardo Moreno

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