Resplendent Quetzal (AJS Jones)

Honduras is a hidden gem lying between better-known neighbors. This tour takes us to a range of habitats that are world-class birding destinations, featuring a number of rare avian species. We will of course be on the lookout for mammals as well, and as in all my tours, we also stop for reptiles, amphibians, insects  and anything else that moves!  Our tour starts in the Maya site of Copan, one of the most spectacular achievements of the Classic Maya Period. Copan was the political, civil, and religious center of the Copan Valley and surrounding area. It reached its height from the 3rd to 9th century AD. Today Copan is a complex of ruins with a central Acropolis and several plazas, including the Hieroglyphic Stairway Plaza that houses more than 1,800 glyphs. The altars and stelae are among the most beautiful Maya creations and show the genius and advanced civilization of that period.  Copan is also a rich area for wildlife, and we will enjoy both cultural and natural beauty in and around the archaeological site.


From Copan we head through pine forest and cloud forest, with a different range of birds to be seen, to the Meambar Blue Mountain National Park, a mid-elevation area that protects a wide array of species of birds and mammals. We will visit Santa Barbara National Park in search of Resplendent Quetzal and Lake Yojoa for waterbirds.

Our last sojourn is a 6-night stay at The Lodge at Pico Bonito. This award-winning eco-lodge will be our base for explorations around north-central Honduras. Expert guides will take us out around the lodge both by day and at night, where we will see numerous amazing birds like the Lovely Cotinga up close and personal, and we hope to encounter a good range of medium to large mammals. We will also be able to catch bats and rodents to expand the lodge’s list of these small mammals, and we will set a UV light to attract moths. We have day trips to Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge where we hope to see West Indian Manatee, and to Rio Santiago Reserve for its huge variety of hummingbirds. On our last full day we head to a small Caribbean archipelago for snorkeling, and with luck a view of the amazing pink boa that also occurs here.

Please join me on this trip to the wildlife hotspots of Honduras!

Dfoxy9ates: February 16-26 from San Pedro Sula

Group Size: 6-8 passengers                                                                          

Cost: $3,350.00 US per person double occupancy


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  1. Hi Fiona,

    Dick Wilkins forwarded the trip info to Jane and I. We would like to go on the trip if you still have space. Please let us know if there is any problem with us joining the group.

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