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Rare Mammals of Southern Brazil

Southern Pantanal and Emas National Park

An oceolot
Wildlife abounds, including Ocelot and Tapir
One of the focal points of this tour is a visit to the Giant Armadillo project, where radio-collared individuals are studied. We will have a good chance to see this elusive species as we can wait at a burrow for it to emerge at dusk.    Other mammals that we are likely to see on our land safaris and boat trips are Giant Otter, Neotropical River Otter, Marsh Deer, Black and Gold Howler Monkey and the ubiquitous Capybara. We can also see Giant Anteater, Yellow Armadillo, Brown Capuchin Monkey, White-lipped and Collared Peccaries, Crab-eating Fox, Crab-eating Raccoon, and Gray Brocket Deer. We have a chance of seeing Ocelot and Brazilian Tapir, and possibly Jaguar, during night drives. We will see numerous water birds, raptors, macaws and many other parrot species, including the incredible Hyacinth Macaw. This is a prime area for wildlife photography.  In addition to the lodge where the Giant Armadillo occurs, we also stay at another wonderful pousada, and each place has special wildlife opportunities.Tapir seen on tour

Our trip also includes 4 nights at the diverse and exciting Emas National Park.  Not only do we have a chance of seeing the tiny Pampas Cat (and possibly other cats) nad numerous birds, mammals and reptiles,  but our trip also coincides with an incredible spectacle: the bioluminescence.  This results from female click beetles laying their eggs in termite mound cavities, and as the young hatch, they glow with a bright green light. This attracts flying termites to eat them. November is the best month for warmer, more humid condition ideal of observing the mounds glowing like city lights.

Please join me and excellent bilingual Brazilian guide Regina Ribeiro on this great Brazilian adventure with outstanding wildlife views and photographic opportunities. For more information please email fiona.reid7243 at

Dates:  October 31 to November 12, 2018

Cost: $5,950.00 US from Campo Grande

Group Size: 6  

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