Brazil-Amazon River

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Our Brazil trip on the Amazon and Solimoes River is a wonderful adventure, suitable for a beginning naturalist or an experienced ecotraveler. I am co-leading this trip with Micah Riegner, a young and highly skilled ornithologist and artist.  We settle in on board the comfortable and well-equipped 12-cabin ship solely occupied by our group. Motorized flat-bottomed canoes allow us to explore narrow waterways and penetrate deep into the forest. The food on board is delicious, featuring local and international cuisine, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. What makes this trip so special is that the 8-person crew will do everything they can to make the experience a great one for everyone on board.

We’ll spend our time exploring the Amazon, Solimoes, Madeira, and Maues Rivers and traveling up narrow tributaries by canoe. Highly skilled boatmen take us out early in the morning for birding and wildlife viewing, in the afternoon we may fish for Piranha, and at night we venture out again in search of tarantulas, nocturnal birds, mammals, and snakes. On this trip we are going into very remote regions and we have a good chance of seeing some rare and local primates such as Satere’s, Maues’ and Gold and White Marmosets. Numerous rare birds were seen on the last trip to this region, and a bat trip I co-led in 2015 tallied over 40 species of bats. Contact me for a list of species seen on a previous trip. Our captain grew up on the river and is an expert in reptiles and amphibians. At night his great skill at locating small nocturnal creatures is unmatched. We will also catch bats in the forest at night and observe other species of bats by day. We will see numerous river dolphins, three-toed sloths, toucans, and parrots (including Golden Parakeet) , as well as other less well-known animals and birds. There will also be time to relax, enjoy the breeze as we drift along the river, loll in a hammock or swim in the wonderfully refreshing blackwaters. The interior of our ship is furnished with beautiful hardwoods, as shown below.

Inside the boat
Inside the boat. – by Bill Voelker
Cost: $3,500 US from Manaus
Deposit: $500
Group size: 10 to 18 passengers
June 1 – 14, 2016

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