Here are some of the books I have written and/or illustrated.BOTT cover

Bats of Trinidad and Tobago is one of the finest books thus far published on bats,”   Dr. Merlin Tuttle says in his foreword. What more can I say!

Co-authored  with Geoffrey Gomes,  I illustrated the species identification plates in the second half of the book.  This book is available from in the USA, in stores in Trinidad and from in Europe.

oposs5 001


Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America was one of my long, long projects, as I wrote and illustrated the book.

Never mind that the book cover says fourth edition, it was, as also stated on cover – all-new!  It has 66 full-color plates, many of which include animals I caught and drew direct from life in various locales around the USA and Canada. You can get it on Amazon.

My REALLY long project was my first big book, A Field Guide to the Mammals of Cencabookcoverwebtral America and Southeast Mexico.  In many ways this was a crazy book to do. It took about 8 years to complete and during that time I earned much less than the average peach-picker. But it was a great learning experience. I think it contains some of my best paintings, and I am really happy when I travel in the region and see people carrying well-used copies. Available on Amazon.

bats of world golden2

bats png_

I have also illustrated another 12 books, bats of world golden_maybe more, which I will slowly add. Here is the Golden Guide to Bats of the World, published in 1994, first with a nice painting then with a photo when reissued in 2000. On a recent royalty statement I calculated that I have to live another 187 years to pay off the rather small advance!

Then I also illustrated Bats of Papua New Guinea, published in 1998. You can get it from Conservation International.


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