Batwatch Big Bend

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May 12-19 2012  For our trip report, go to Home, Batwatch Big Bend



Our first Batwatch Nicaragua
was a terrific success, and now we are planning a second Batwatch trip, this
time to one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, Big Bend, Texas


My co-leader, Dr. Loren Ammerman, has been studying bats in Big Bend for the last 15 years.

She has advised numerous students at Angelo State University
on field techniques and research on bat biology.  Her long-term monitoring topics include
changes in the bat habitat in the park (particularly the springs and water
supplies); studying the status of rare and endangered bats; and recording population
trends in the common and widespread species. We will enjoy one or two lectures
on bats and Loren’s bat work in Texas.  Our Batwatch trip is timed to coincide with
Loren’s previous study dates so that the data we obtain can be used in her
long-term assessments.


We will spend 6 nights in the national park and
have 5 nights of mist netting, visiting many remote and inaccessible areas, so
we will see a side of the park that other visitors do not have a chance to
explore, as well as being able to catch and examine up close a wide range of
North American bats. Bat highlights include two of the largest molossids, the Ghost-faced Bat, and many others.
On our way, we will also visit Eckert James River Bat

Price from San Angelo $2,650.00

Please email me – fiona.reid at for more details

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