Field studies

I have spent many years drawing animals direct from life for my research and subsequent production of field guides. Some of my field studies I consider to be my best artwork, as they capture the essence of the animal. Some were painted using a headlamp for light, in a truck using the steering wheel as an easel, sitting on the ground or fallen log, and often fighting off attacks from insects, debris and even a spray of urine from the subject in hand. Please note BAT ART and field studies will be appearing soon on a separate page.

I am now offering many of these studies for sale at low prices, mostly from $100-200 each. Please look at pdfs at 100%, any higher they will not show well.

Here is a mixed bag of studies: Mammal medley2

To see opossums go to: Field studies of Opossums

Gray Four-eyed Opossum $ 250
Thylamys $150







For rodent field studies, of which I have many, please see: Rodents 1  and Rodents 2 and Heteromyid and Geomyid rodents

Here are a few of my personal favorites, below and in attachment: Special rodent field study images 

Peromyscus mexicanus $ 150
Water Mouse $ 350


Reithrodontomys microdon $ 200

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