Nature Tours

June 1-14, 2016

Another wonderful tour of the Amazon, Solimoes, Madeira and Maues Rivers aboard the Dorinha.

Sorry this tour is sold out!

November 16-30, 2016

This trip will focus on finding rare mammals (Aardvark, Aardwolf and more), as well as seeing a huge range of wildlife in some amazing habitats.

See South Africa for details

February 16-26, 2017

Copan, highlands, Pico Bonito and even a day of snorkeling

See Honduras above for details

Trips in the works:

Borneo – a mammal-watching adventure – Clouded Leopard, Sun Bear and much more (2017, not sure of exact dates yet).

Ecuador – Spectacled Bear, Mountain Tapir and Olinguito on the menu! Probably November 2017.

Please email me (fiona dot reid7243 at gmail dot com) if you want to be notified about these trips or put on the pencil list.


Fiona Reid Tour LogoAll my trips are custom-designed to provide you with the best possible encounters with wildlife that each destination can offer. Unlike many nature tours, we pay special attention to the mammals, while also enjoying all the birds, reptiles, plants and other creatures we can find. You can go watch birds with hundreds of tour companies, but not that many specialize in mammals and nocturnal outings.

We stay in the best places available, from beautifully situated eco-lodges to first class hotels with extensive gardens and other natural attractions. We travel in small, friendly groups that I lead with the help of local biologists and/or knowledgeable local guides.

I have been leading nature tours for over 30 years (my first trip was Jamaica in 1986) and I am taking you to the countries that I know and love. You are assured of a safe, comfortable, and well organized journey, full of memorable wildlife experiences. I hope you can join me.

To sign up for one of these tours, or if you have any questions, please contact me through the website.

Fiona Reid, Director

Naturalist | Author | Illustrator